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Active Directory "Sync" button missing after update to 2016v4.
Hey all,

After we updated our environment to the latest version of ASG-Remote Desktop (as of the date of posting), the active directory sync option appears to have disappeared from our connections setting menu. We expect it to be on that list, underneath Ext. Applications > Connections. Was this taken out in a version update and we missed it? Is it a bug? Or is that option someplace else in the program. Attached is an image of where we expected it to be. Please let us know!

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the Sync button was never (in the last 10 years) in that area :-) And it make no sense there too...

You need a folder where the role "Active Directory, VMware or HyperV" is active - and then you find there the sync button to sync your source system with ASG-RD...

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