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Mouse pointer disappears when hovering over textbox
(27-06-2017, 08:29 AM)DevOma Wrote: Update from MS - the issue is caused by a new (system) API that is currently undocumented! Seems that mstsc.exe is the only product that knows how to handle this new API - the documentation of this new API and official support will start with the next major upgrade of Windows 10 (Redstone 3) - this is planned for September 2017 - we do not get any more information about that API before the Release will be published!

Is there any update on this or update on fixing this issue? I am currently running Windows 10 1709 and still experiencing the issue.
MS decided not to implement this interface for "Fall Creators Update" (don't ask why - nobody understand) - so we have already created a new CASE for this issue 2 days ago - waiting for an answer from the Product Group
We got a new answer from MS (from product group in Redmond) - they will implement a new interface that will be shortly available in insider preview builds - will be part of Windows 10 RS4 (release date spring 2018)...

We will check that and try to implement asap

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