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BaseItemGet Error
(05-12-2017, 10:53 AM)mkeeves Wrote:
(05-12-2017, 10:11 AM)DevOma Wrote: Which user have the problems? Just a name, I will find it :-)

I will e-mail you the username. I have had another user with the same error this morning. In his instance we saw that there was a favourite which had been orphaned (showing a red X next to a personal favourite in the GUI). The user deleted this favourite object, closed and opened the application, and the error went away.

I have tried the same for the first user, but this has not resolved the issue.

Sorry for not replying to this thread sooner. After having the newer version packaged up by our desktop team (2017 Patch 2), and installing this for 2 users with the issue, it seems that the issue is resolved, and the users are no longer getting errors when logging in.
Getting the Error BaseItemGet again, followed by LogsAdd when opening ASG Remote Desktop 2018 patch 1 64 bit.

I have run through the data optimizer as a full admin. I have done a reset layout, and a reset quick connect history, but the issue persists.

We have an AD sync set up, and I have just realised that there some machines which got deleted from the domain. These no longer appear in the connections folder, however there are some shared favourites which have been created for these objects which now appear like so:

After removing these objects, I am no longer getting any errors when opening ASG. This to me seems like a bug - would you agree?

This was probably less of a problem before shared favourites, but we are now extensively using shared favourites across multiple teams. We can also have a high turnover of domain servers due to environments being spun up and down. It would be great if the favourite kept a reference to the original object, so that when the original object is removed that any favourites are removed from the database also.
Could you add the image again? It's only a big char string currently...

I will check that afterwards - you can set the delete option in your sync to "Show image instead of deleting the connection" - perhaps that helps as a workaround...
Ah, sorry, I do not have the image any more. It was a red cross next to 'unavailable' I believe.

I do want unavailable items to be removed when they are not available in the sync, but thanks for suggesting the workaround.
(13-03-2018, 02:21 PM)DevOma Wrote: Ok

Would you agree this is a bug? Or do I need to request this as a feature?

[Image: ASGCapture.PNG]

The UI loads after this error, but is unresposive.
Which version do you use?
@mkeeves - will be fixed in next version!

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