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Unattended silent Install for ASG VisionApp 2017

Looking to see if we can set the install dir and silently install VisionApp to another drive letter other than C:\. As of right now Im able to install silently but when adding Install Path its not accepting the path. Is there an MSI I can use? Also does ASG still support adding a Country license under local machine registry key so that all Citrix/RDS users are licensed? Thanks.

ASGRD_Setup.exe /S
Did you try the parameter /D (must be the last one)

/D=C:\Bla or /D=C:\Path with spaces

And yes license can be stored in Registry - see chapter FAQ-Licenses in Help
I tried the same that we have working for visionapp 2015 but 2017 isnt working. I created the key below and added the xml license txt to the regkey and its not applying the license. Didnt see any help information regarding licensing visionapp via this reg key. Thanks.


How can be a license stored for all users who are using Terminal Server?

Users who are using a local data source (file) on a Terminal Server do not need to import the license in each data file. You can use a registry key instead to provide the license to all users. This works only for local mode because in database the license is stored itself. Just open the license file with a text editor and copy the whole content to the registry key.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ASG\RemoteDesktop2017\License (32 bit systems)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\ASG\RemoteDesktop2017\License (64 bit systems)

The value can be stored as String or MultiString.

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