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SCCM deployment
where can i find the config-file to deploy v2017 to different clients?

I cant find a file with the information about the Database, environment or anything else.
Our Users cant configure it themselve.

Another point:  I´ve tried to install the software with parameter /S , but nothing happened. After a few hours without a result i tried it again but the same happened (nothing).
The environment data is located in AppData\Roaming\ASG-RemoteDesktop\10.0 (User-Profile or ProgramData) - environments.xml

Did you try to install it locally with /S - that should work - I have no experience using SCCM but a lot of users seems to have problems with that - but /S is the parameter for silent install...
Hey Smile
many thanks. I found the file.

I think with this file we are able to deploy this... it cant be so difficult to deploy vRD with SCCM.

If i have an answer for the global SCCM problem i´ll post it.

Many thanks again Smile

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