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Mouse Cursor issue with high DPI in Remote Desktop Sessions
Having issues with Mouse Cursor too small or missing in text editor applications. Is ASG aware of the issue with Windows 10 and creator update?
I have try the RoyalTS suggestion. I;m still having the problem in ASG Remote Desktop.

I'm on ASG Remote Desktop on version 2016 (9.0.5385.0)
Yes it is known - and we already involved MS DEV support - it is reported to Redmond - but no feedback from Redmond yet
(07-06-2017, 01:56 PM)DevOma Wrote: Yes it is known - and we already involved MS DEV support - it is reported to Redmond - but no feedback from Redmond yet

Hi DevOma,

Any update on this issue? I believe I am having it. This is what I see:
(the two dots in the red box are my mouse cursor)

Additionally on some servers my mouse pointer itself is tiny:

Windows 10 version 1703 build 15063.483 (creators update)
ASG 10.1.5713.0

It does not happen when I just windows remote desktop, but does happen in ASG. This also happens on a few of my co-workers PCs that are running the same versions of Windows and ASG.


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Yes - one more :-)

We are still in discussion with MS - it was planned to fix it with the upcoming Fall Creators Update - but currently MS will not ensure that this will be really implemented (it is a missing/undocumented interface) - so my escalation engineer is still talking to the product group in Redmond and we hope we will get a solution asap...
I wanted to add to this.  I am experiencing the same or similar issue.  Running Windows 10 1703, HP Zbook 15 G3 with a high resolution display.  My cursor doesn't disappear whenever I have the ASG RD on that screen, however whenever I move it to my 2nd monitor, which is only 1920x1080, the cursor will disappear whenever inside an editable field.  So inside putty, notepad, or even a field for data entry.

I also just upgraded to ASG RD 2017 (10.1.5713.0) hoping it would clear up the issue.

I'm having the same issue after updating to 1703.

Windows 10 Pro version 1703 build 15063.0
ASG remote desktop 2017 version 10.1.5713.0
I found a workaround, finally! :)

My laptop screen is 1920x1080. Windows thinks 150% scaling would be best but I want it at 100% because otherwise everything is just too big. Somehow this 150% value is used by the RDP library and because the screen is set to 100% the cursor is scaled down to 66% it's original size. You can disable scaling by setting the custom scaling factor for all displays to 100%. This disables automatic scaling completely. Problem solved. Only downside is you can't set different scaling factors for multiple displays but I don't want this anyway.

Have a nice day!
I'm still having the same issue with Fall Creators build (1709).

I have connected two external monitors onto my Surface Pro 4 so the resolutions are as following:
- Surface 4 Pro: 2736x1824 (200% scaling)
- iiyama ProLite B2480HS 1920x1080 (100% scaling)
- iiyama ProLite B2480HS 1920x1080 (100% scaling)

ASG-RemoteDesktop 2016 Version: 9.05385.0
The new interface should be implemented for RS4 (Win10) - hopefully there will be a Preview version soon so we can implement the new interface into ASGRD

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