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ASG 2017 Update 1 - VNC not working anymore
Hi there,

today I updated to ASG 2017 Update 1. Now I cannot connect to our Igel's by using VNC. Before the update it was ok today. 

I get the message (translate from german): Unknown Error. An unknown error occured. You should restart the appication to avoid any further errors.

I restartet, but the issue persists. 

What to do? It is very important for us to connect by VNC.

Thank you in advanced.

Ah ok, I fixed it. When you enter the component check page you click on repair @ VNC. Now it is working again.


Thanks for you feedback !
Just checked it by myself to an XFCE session running X11VNC and that worked without problems. But my component check was fine. Happy that you got it working that way !

Best regards,
-- --
I am having the same issue. When I do a components check it shows up green, but when I try to run VNC I get:

Unhandled Exception
An unhandled error occurred in the application. You should restart the application to prevent further problems.

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