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RD features for Linux login

We are using RD to centralize and audit login to Windows systems. Now, we are thinking about use this tool to achieve more control to unix/Linux system's login. We have some doubts that we need to solve to decide if RD is the best choice for our purposes:

- Are there any installation package / portable for linux Operating System?
- Can we manage certificated based access as the same way we use ASG with passwd accesses?
- Are there any way to configure ssh access with Active Directory users?
- Can we configured ssh access with no credential (so that we have to introduce credential by hand each time we need to access to the server?
- Can we preconfigured scripts to execute in the ssh session?


Hi Manuel,

many questions and I try to answer as most as I can:

- We have no installation packages for linux since ASG-RD is only availabale as a Windows application. For Windows ASG-RD could be used in
portable mode also
- Certificate based access on linux systems is possible by using the integrated putty/poderosa client on which the ssh access by certificat could
be configured.
- What do you mean with ssh access with Active Directory Users ? You mean a user is authenticated with his AD-Account on ASG-RD and uses
an SSH connection to a linux host ? That should be fine.
- If you configure plain ssh access over ASG-RD then without using putty or using the credential-role then you have to enter credentials
- If using putty to configure the ssh session you can use all features that putty is capable of. And I think putty can execute a remote
command(s) in the ssh options.

Hope that helps,

best regards,
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Thanks for the reply Michael, 

We have integrated our Linux login with an AD. After be autenticated in ASG-RD, we could login to a Linux server witout enter the same credentials as we enter to access to RD, or we need to autenticate to the Linux server again.
Thanks Manuel,

for clarification. Unfortunately I have no experience with Linux AD integration but for my understanding there are different methods realizing that ( Kerberos/ Ldap / Winbind). But since you have already done that what exactly is the question ? If you are logged on to ASG-RD you can - depending on your user/ group-rights - create ssh connections using built in putty and have all the freedom using it's features.

best regards,
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