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Favorites - Lost in upgrade
Anyone else see problems where a user's favorites are not carried forward during an upgrade?

We are attempting to go from v9.0.5385.0 (x86) to v10.1.5630.1 (x64).

Base environment is Windows 10 (x64) and we have a centralized SQL database for all connections.

Upgrade goes as follows:
- Remove older version (add/remove programs)
- Install newer version and make connection to database
- Notice missing favorites

Favorites are stored in the SQL database, correct? If so, is there a table we can use to check this data directly?

Other thoughts?
Correct. Favorites are stored in dB.
Hmm....I just tried to retrace the problem but my user favorites are upgraded correctly. But I made sure the settings in 2017 are the same as in 2016P4 regarding permissions: I activated "Settings"-> Environment -> Permissions : "activate user permissions". Then created the new environment with connection to the 2016P4 database. Did the upgrade with a dedicated dbuser that is genreally used for db access in all environments. Unfortunately I can't say which table..

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You can have a look into the database - execute the following statement

SELECT * FROM Items Where ItemId = 'DD8F83D8-5F59-4F4D-A164-71D47FD8ABF2'

SELECT * FROM Items Where ParentItemId = 'DD8F83D8-5F59-4F4D-A164-71D47FD8ABF2'

First should the "Favorites" root item - please check that this row has nothing in UserId and Private (NULL or empty)
The second command list you all assigned favorites / favorite folders that are assigned to the root object...

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