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Add "prompt user" option for empty fields on connections
Could you consider this?

If you type a questionmark in any of the fields on a connection, when connecting a popup will be displayed prompting the user to supply the values before connecting.

We can fx use it for defining a connection for use with SMTP troubleshooting where we create a connection that has Telnet as Protocol with the port set to 25 instead of default 23. We'd like a connection that can be used for *any* remote SMTP server so supporters are prompted for the Destination every time they use it.

It is possible to use Quick Connect, but then supportes have to manually change the portnumber each time.

Today if ConnectionBig Grinestination is empty nothing happens when you try to connect. Since Destination is crucial you could consider also prompting for this if the field is empty too (besides if a questionmark is specified).

Make sense?

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