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SSO not working.

We are using AGS on ~20 PC's, and we have set database on remote server.

We have issue with some PC's, when trying to connect to our systems using RDP with SSO.

Most PC's don't have any issues, Pass-through authentication is working perfectly.
We have at least 2 systems (on notebooks) where this option is not working. When we try to connect, we are asked to provide password credentials.

We checked, users permission, settings of local application and everything is set correctly, (moreover we tested users on unaffected systems, and it is working correctly there).

So issue is on local systems, bellow I'm providing information of affected system:

Windows 10 Pro
Version: 1703
OS build: 15063.540
ASG-RD 2017 - Patch1 (10.1.5630.1)
and tested
[/url]ASG-RD 2017 - Patch2 (10.1.5713.0)
Can you please help us with this issue?
If you need more information please let me know.
Did you check the article

ASG-RD just set a property so the rdp client tries to connect via SSO - but the requirements must be configured outside in OS - if you checked everything I don't know why it is not working - did you specify the destination system with full name (like computer.domain)?

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