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Put into try on closing - and keep it there..

I am using ASG for quite some time for now - and one little thing keeps bugging me - so I decided to post here Smile

How I use ASG:
Having icon in try - right click on it - then selecting application I want to run and go...

What is happening:
Main ASG window pops to the front and then application I selected is being run.

What is annoying:
1. Why this main window of ASG is poping out? I am not interested in it - I just need to go to my application...
2. If I press close (x) button on main window - ASG is closing... with no option to keep it in try only - like in hundreds other apps... or is it just me - and there is some settings called 'keep in try'?

It is not a biggie - but it would be very nice to have Smile

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