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SSH Connection dont send the password for one person
ASG-RemoteDesktop 2017
Version 10.0.5564.0
10 Users
Central Database Mode with Active Directory Users

We are all in the same AD Group which has Administrator permissions for ASG.

For everyone except one colleague everything works as designed. But for one user the password for ssh connections is not send to the remote system but only the user. So for every SSH system he gets the password prompt. Its just for ssh, not other protocols. 

As we have the same permissions, this can't be the issue?
He is the newest colleague so he did not made the thousand updates from version 2010 (or 12?), could this somehow be the issue?

Any help would be highly appreciated Smile
If you work on a central database it should be no difference if a user has installed 10 updates or not :-)

Do you use public credentials for your ssh connections? What does the new user see on the "Assigned credentials" properties page on one of these servers? Same category "Default / Inherit / Personal" as the other users?
One correction:

Version is 10.1.5713.0 (ASGRD2017_Patch2_Setup).

Yes, these are public credentials and under "Credentials" -> "General" we all have Default Values. 
We use the same Credentials Object and it is the same for putty and poderosa.
Can you try to create a new connection and also create a new credential object, assign it to the server and let the user try to use this - only want to know if it is a general problem or something with your "old data"
We found the cause of the issue but no solution yet. Just now another colleague said that since he replaced the ASG putty with the newest version (0.70) he gets a password prompt the whole time. 

I could verify this, with 0.68 everything works, with 0.70 the password prompt appears. 

Is this an ASG issue or a putty feature?
We use a customized Putty because we do not want to transfer the password in clear text - so if you replace putty by standard putty it will fail - we will update Putty with the next patch to the latest version...

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