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Quick Connection - Credentials: Custom changes to None when docked/hidden
Try this:

1) Dock Quick Connect in the left side with auto-hide (so it can slide out when needed)
2) Click Quick Connect on the toolbar, so it slides out
3) Type a computer-name and in Credentials select Custom
4) Click [...] and type username and password and click OK - in the mean time Quick Connect is hidden again
5) Click Quick Connect again to show it
6) Credentials is now set to None

Seems Custom will (almost?) always revert to None for some reason when Quick Connect is docked, hidden and shown - but even though it displays as None, it seems to still remember the Custom credential anyway (at least sometimes).

We also sometimes experience that even though you select a different credential, it uses the last one you used instead, regardlessly. So I think there is an issue about display and function not being in sync, and also something about a variable not being set / maintained correctly.

Why not add the username/password fields from the Custom dialog directly to Quick Connect itself?
That way it is also always visible if something is supplied in Custom.

You could add a checkbox to use it or not - and dismiss the Custom popup dialog.
Will fix it for the next patch...
FYI, this seems to still be an issue in 2018 - at least in my install.

I tried to reproduce but the credentials box stay on "Custom" - I will try to redesign QuickConnect with the fields directly visible in the form...
Weird. Though we are not on Patch 4 yet, I forgot to mention.

Even though it changes to None, when I cick COnnect it still "knows" the custom credentials.

Anyway, just letting you know Smile

Moving the fields sounds super.
Btw. just a few ideas to consider if you are going to look at redigning the form anyway.

- Add a extra button next to the custom credentials called "Add to Credentials" or "Save to Credentials", for easy adding to the the saved credentials in the Credentials manager.

- Cache the saved custom credentials (while the program is open) so you can select the previous typed credentials and their passwords, and in that way have the option to switch between multiple custom credentials in Quick Connect.

Make sense?
Sounds "super" - will try to add it for the next version

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