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VMware Sync Improvements

I have a couple of features to request regarding the vmware sync function:

  1. I would like to see a feature added that would allow virtual machines set as linux type OSes that are imported/updated during a vmware sync to have ssh set as the connection type.  Ideally implemented as a setting where you can choose the protocol to be set for a given OS family, not sure how granular people would really want but at the least Linux/Unix and Windows to be separate as RDP, while possible to implement, is not default on any unix/linux distribution I have touched where ssh is nearly always available. 
  2. While probably a very niche use, there are some scenarios where it would actually be very handy to be able to sync the actual esx hosts themselves into ASG as ssh connections.  I actually thought this is what the Hosts and Clusters view option was going to do but that just changes the folder organization of the Virtual machines.  My main use cases for this would be calling command line utilities on the host such as esxtop or for edits in the absence of a functioning vcenter server.
Very interesting Aaron. I hope they consider these at the very least. They seem like sound suggestions to me.

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