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permissions for regular user
We are expanding our use of the tool in our organization.  Before everyone was just admin of the tool but now we are segregating between admins and users (principle of least privilege). 

Looking at the Global Security Assignments I'm not sure what permission set is appropriate to give users access to the tool, and the ability to create new connections as needed.  

Any standard suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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.png   ASGRD - Global Security Assignments.png (Size: 36.33 KB / Downloads: 3)
For my organisation the only checkboxes i enabled for the users was the convert private to public option, allow changing user specific data and allow recording of videos and using quickconnect. They were the only 4 i enabled. I have had no queries from any of our users.
To create connections you need to enable this permission on any folder level - so you can decide where you users can create sub-objects and where not - the permissions for objects will be inherited...

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