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Force Inheritance on subfolders
Hi, we have a large/deep tree structure, and have problems with some subfolders not inheriting the Credentials set as Personal Value.
Is there a way to force the inheritance down from a certain folder to all subfolders?
Not in the UI - but perhaps I can write a short SQL script - tell me what "problems" do you mean? Are there any subfolders that has not "Inherited" selected? Or is it selected but the personal values are not used/shown? Is it a problem for one user / all users?

I would write a script that need the ID of any folder and then the script set for any subfolder "Inherit" and or check if there is something else set by a user!?! Just want to know what exactly is the problem...
Perhaps that make sense to implement in UI => Force setting to all sub folders...
Hi, sorry for the slow response.

So we have a number of root folders in the nav. tree. On one (covering all the machines in the same domain) I have set a personal credentials for my domain login. Other ASGRD users do the same with their own domain login.

This credential is inherited down the tree for *almost* all - but on some subfolders (way down in the tree) there is suddently "Default Values" set with Credentials set to None that overrides the Inherited Values also set.

I can then clear the "Default Values" on the folder and it works fr the connection in it, but I don't know why this has been set, as no one would set this on purpose.
Really there is no need for anyone to set any default values on any of the subfolders in that tree.

Thanks a lot for the SQL script suggestion though that seems like a lot of work for you just for us.
If you can add it to the UI, so it's possible fx to force settings/inheritence to all subfolders incl. resetting all personal, default and inherited settings to what is set on the parent that sound great!

Added a few screenshots from one of the "problematic" folders.

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I will add a "Force setting"-command to the UI for the next version...
Great, thanks!
So that means I can select a topfolder and do a "Clear" of "Default Settings" and then force it down?
Perfect! Thanks! Smile

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