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Trial Upgrade 2011 to 2017?
We are currently using visionapp Remote Desktop 2011 (version 7.0.3328.0)

We would like to try-and-buy the current version, ASG Remote Desktop 2017.

It seems that we will need to upgrade the 2011 database to 2012, and then we can upgrade from there to 2017.

The problem I am running into is that it will not upgrade our database to 2012 under any sort of trial.  It prompts for a license file (and does not accept the old 2011 license file).

We have thousands of connections so there is no way the boss is paying for the new version until AFTER I prove to him that it works and everything migrates cleanly.  I hope we can find a way to do this while in the trial period.

I appreciate any assistance you can provide.  Thank you!

Edit: We got the connections migrated via CSV (required a little bit of manual manipulation), and will do the credentials manually. I will leave this up in case there is a better solution, or if nothing else just so others can see what we did.

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