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Restore credentials
So somehow a folder with a lot of public credentials disappeared from ASGRD, maybe somebody accidentally deleted them.

Is it possible to restore these in partial from a normal SQL backup of the database?
Or is the only solution to restore the database in full?
Optionally restore in full to different database, load ASGRD, make a ASGRD internal backup of credentials via PowerShell and restore bva PowerShell to the production database?

Any other suggestions?

Do you have recommendations on best practise of daily backups of ASGRD to be able to do item-level restoring like this?

In Oliver mentions that "In version 2016 you should be able to use the PowerShell API to import credentials from a file..." but looking through the CMdLet reference in the help file I don't see any import cmdlets to do this?
There is no command to directly import a file - you need to read your file via powershell and then import the objects by using New-RDBaseItem (create the object) and Set-RDPropertiesCredential (setting credential details)

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