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Issue with RDP Connection Failures
We are using ASG Remote Desktop 2017 (version 10.1.5713.0)

It is quite common that we will double-click an RDP connection, and the tab opens, but it is stuck at a colored screen with a “Reconnect” button.

However if I connect using the built-in Windows RDP client, it works just fine.  Only ASG RD has any issue.

The problem seems to be more frequent when I am connecting to remote systems with a higher latency.

This affects multiple users on multiple computers. All Windows 10.

Any ideas?
Please deactivate the "Retry connecting if connection fails" in Settings=>Connections - then you should see the error code - and that's what we need for analyzing the problem
We are having the same problem. Doing the above suggestion to see the error code gives this message:
RDP protocol error (Return code:50331671) , Your computer can't connect to the remote computer because a security package error occurred in the transport layer.

Remark: For most of our connection we have configured a RD gateaway. Upon starting ASG first connection always fails on a connection that uses the gateaway. Going directly to the gateaway works fine. After we get the error when we retry, then it connects.
Perhaps you can try to disable some RDP functionalities in the properties of the connection - I have this error if I try to open more than 1 connection simultaneously using RD-Gateway - it works only of one RD-gateway connection is established successfully

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