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Domain Integration issue

We are using ASG 2015 8.0.5091.0 and just link this solution to our Active Directory.
There is no issue for the internal users, it works very well, but we have a big problem with remote users connected to our solution through a VPN client...
These remote users have their accounts created in our Active Directory, but the laptop / PC they use are not always integrated into our Active directory...

By the way, the domain we use is not displayed in the Login windows of ASG for them, and this is not possible to force the domain definition in the login using <username>@mydomain or MYDOMAIN\<username>..
Only the local domain from where they are currently connected is available.

How can we fix this issue ? If the solution does not allow us to use an active directory account from a computer not known by the domain it will be a real problem for us.

Maybe latest released fix this issue, can you please help ?

Thank you for your help and support on this.
For login you need still active trust to the domain. We have that issue on the todo list for a long time but didn't resolved it yet...

In ASG-RD you can specify "Non trusted domains" in Settings - and use these domains inside ASG-RD.
Thank you for your update.
In fact we are currently concerned by the Login only, so I guess the only solution for now is to use internal users ? Do you confirm ?
Reading the forum, I notice that the ability to login without being trusted by the domain seems to be really welcome for many users, to you have any road map for this feature ?

Thank you
Yes, currently internal users are the solution.

I think we will try to change the login process for one of the next patches - we know that a lot of customers would prefer to have a solution for that...
Ok, I think then when this solution will be released we will suscribe to the latest version

Let's keep posted.
Thank you and have a nice day

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