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Question - Private credentials
Hello, I would like to ask you for a help - if you have two users of ASG Remote Desktop with shared DB. Both will specify their private credentials and both will assign them to the same item. Should this work?

It seems to be, that:

1st user specify his private credentials at some folder in DB.
2nd user specify his private credentials at the same folder in DB.
1st user does not have any credentials specified for that folder.

Is that how it is intended to behave?

We tried this at ASG RD 2017, 10.1.5713.0


You can see in Properties dialog (in database mode) 3 different ways how data can be assigned and used - there are Default Data (for all users), Inherited data from parent object and personal value for personal use. The highlighted category is your active choice (for current user). So if both users set the credentials to Personal Values and then assign their personal values it will work as you want :-)

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