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Question about connection credential remember
Hello, can anyone confirm about security question about ASG-RD?

Will ASG-RD remember login credential (user name & password), when team working via SQL server as back end?

If will remember, will credentials be shared within team?

Thank you.

Current environment: ASG-RD 2012 / SQL server 2008

To update environment: ASG-RD 2018 / SQL server 2016
What do you mean with "remember"? You can specify credentials to use for all team members and you can specify personal creds - everything is stored in database (if you use a database).

If you want to upgrade from 2012 to 2018 - you have to create a new database environment with version 2018 - then login and choose "Environment => Upgrade from 2012" - there you can choose your old database config or retype and then the data will be read and transferred to your new environment...

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