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Integration between KeePass 2.x and ASG RDS

I need some clarification regarding the capabilities of the integration between KeePass 2.x and ASG RDS.
I have reviewed the documentation regarding the integration already, but couldn't find my answer.
I need to know if it is possible to create the below scenario in ASG Remote Desktop Support:
1. We create a Connection in AGS ,which opens a browser URL, for example http://login.html/
2. We use the synced KeePass entry to input the account/password in the ASG HTTP connection.

i tried to do it, but all it does is opening the URL and the Account/Password fields are empty.
Is it possible at all for AGS to automatically populate the account/password fields with Credential entry?
Currently only form based authentication is supported for HTTP (with automatic logon) - so it has nothing to do with KeePass integration
Thanks for the answer,
do you have any url where i can read how to do that?
I can't find any wiki or so for ASG.
I basically need to be able to open the browser, open a new tab with the admin logon URL, use the credentials stored in ASG .
if you have form based auth on your web site you can assign credentials to the connection and start it - then the credentials should be passed. But if you have "fields" on your web site these fields can't be filled with password information...

Just open the help file with F1 (inside ASG-RD) and you can read the documentation...

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