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[solved] sql-rights for daily use in ASG RD 2017
Hi at all,

I try to change the authentication to the database in the environment to integrated authentication. The connection test is successfully, but whenn I connect to the environment the login fails with this message:

Connection could not be established
A connection to your current environment could not be established. Please select another one.

If I use a sql user in the environment, the login is successfully.

The difference between the windows users and the sql user is, that the sql user is dbowner and the windows users are only data_reader and data_writer on the sql database.

Grant dbowner to all windows users is not wanted, because then every user can update the shared environment database. The intended way should be, that selected windows users are dbowner and all others a only user, that can use the database, but can't change the layout (like an ASG update).

We use ASG RD 2017 Version 10.1.5713.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2014.

Which sql rights are needed for daily use?
Where can I find logs, which say more then "Can't connect"?

Please help me.

Just open the help and browse to "Working with environments => Working with database environments => Necessary permissions on SQL server instance" - there you find the information you are looking for
Great. The execute right was missing.


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