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RDP Resolution Issue

I am running ASG Remote Desktop 2018 (11.0.5876.0) x64. I have recently migrated from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Since upgrading to Windows 10 I have been finding that the resolution of an RDP session in a tab will become incorrect when moving ASG RD from one monitor to the other - this did not happen when I was using Windows 7.

I believe this issue is connected to whether the taskbar is in use on the second display. In Windows 7 it was never an option to have the taskbar on the second display. On my Windows 10 machine I only have the taskbar enabled on my main monitor, and am able to consistently replicate the issue. If I enable the taskbar on the second monitor, I am no longer able to replicate the issue.

Ok we will try to reproduce and fix this...
I tried to reproduce the issue but I can't see a difference here wheter I enabled or disabled the taskbar on the second monitor.
It's a fact that while dragging the program window to the other screen the screen will be affected: it will be compressed and slightly deformed because of the resize of the main window. But maximizing the program window or clicking on the reconnect button resolves that effect. But behaviour for me is the same regardless which taskbar is enabled. Also tested with latest Patch3 / 64bit on Windows 10 V1709.
Can you provide screenshots and detailed description how to retrace ?

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