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ASG 2012 ---> ASG 2018 (vrb file)
I'm trying to move "ASG-Remote Desktop 2012 (version 7.3.4130)" *.vrb file (using the export command) to "ASG-Remote Desktop 2018" ?  But it seems the 2018 version can not read the vrb files. Is there is a way to do this ? Thanks in advance, Broddsky.
you cant' import the vrb file from version 2012 to 2018. You have to use the Migration Wizard from ASG-RD2018 to import the data source to ASG-RD2018. So have both versions installed at the same time, open ASG-RD2018 and click on "Environment" in the main menu...then choose "upgrade of 2012" Environment.

Hope that helps,
best regards,
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Were can I find the Migration Wizard?
We try to upgrade from 2010, therefore I downloaded and installed the 2012 but we aren't able to find the Wizard everyone is talking about?
Can you please help?

Thanks in advance

Hi Christian,

the Migration Wizard is only available in ASG-RD2018 ! You have to upgrade to 2011 and then 2012. Then you can install RD2018 and then you can use the wizard to import the 2012 data into 2018 ! (main menu: Environment - Upgrade of 2012 Environment )
To upgrade from 2010 to 2011 just install 2011 and it will find the previous version - the same with 2012. For both upgrades you will be asked before upgrading the database.
I case you dont have it : here's 2011 :
best regards,
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