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Delete and import servers
I'm trying to delete and import servers. I can delete it by hand, and import it with a CSV file, but i like to do it with powershell.

I can connect to the environment.

$workingdir = "c:\Program Files (x86)\ASG-Remote Desktop 2018\"

Set-Location $workingdir
[Environment]::CurrentDirectory = Get-Location -PSProvider FileSystem

$path = $workingdir + "ASGRD-PSAPI.dll"

Add-Type -path $path
[reflection.assembly]::LoadFrom($path) | Import-Module

Connect-RDEnvironment -Environment 'ASGRD' -PassThrough

I can get the guid from the directorie i like to delete
Get-RDBaseItemId -ItemPath "Connections\WSUS\24-7\1:00"

But when i remove this directory it does nothing no error but als no deleting from the directory
Remove-RDBaseItem -ItemId 7c0c6e13-1b01-441d-9b6f-3de26b3728f5

Can someone tell me how i can remove all the directories after "24-7", "KA", "OTA" and PAT. If it is possible with a example. The direcories are not empty.

The second question is how can i bulkimport servers with Powershell, i have a CSV file.

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For the Delete-Command you should have a command output like "Item removed successfully" or "Item could not be removed" - do you see anything like that?

Bulk import via Powershell is not implemented - but we will add it asap... (currently you can use command line import)
I have seen that it is possible to use the command line to synchronise with a CSV file with the option


/syncdeleteoption: <option> (Possible values: Delete, ShowIcon, Nothing)

But i cannot find the complete command line i have CSV files. Can you give me a example
You can find an example in the help file - section command line options

Import of connection via csv file




Starts an import of connections from a csv file


ID of the folder where the import should start from


Path to the csv file with connections


Path to the file where the import result should be written to

◾c:\Program Files\ASG-RemoteDesktop 2018\ASGRD.exe /instance:MyEnvironment /loginintegrated:true /loginsubmit /importaction:ConnectionsCsv /importsource:c:\temp\connections.csv /importoutput:c:\temp\log.txt /importid:00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Starts the environment MyEnvironment, login with integrated account and executes import of connections.
Thanx i can import the connection but only after i delete the existing connection, the same with the sync options.

Is there a way to remove in a certain directory all the connections.

I make every day a CSV file with mostely the same servers but sometime wit new and sometime a existing server is no longer active.
If you would use the same directory for the import you can sepcify a csv-sync on that folder - activate the role and configure it - there you should be able to set the delete options for the import/sync - and you can call the sync by command line - just press the CommandLine-Button and you see the command
Hello DevOma iyt is working

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