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Moving from File to SQL
Hello All,

Are there any instructions to move from a File based environment to an SQL based environment, I have tried it but have lost all the connection credentials. The credentials and connection are there, but no credentials on the connections.


Which version are you using? And what did you try? Export all, create a new database environment, import all - then it should work for the logged on user...
Version is 2017, 10.1.5713.0

I did the steps that you described.
Hi Bill,

I think I know the effect. That was indeed a problem we fixed in ASG-RD2018 ! So the best would be to upgrade to the latest version to receive that update. However the credentials should be visible but they are not assigned. So you have to reassign them then the connect should work again like before.
Best regards,
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Yes, upgraded to 2018 and the import worked
Thanks for your quick and positive feedback :-)
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Now that I have moved from File to SQL, how can I share that SQL file between a couple of my machines, currently it is using windows account integrated authentication with my local machine, I don't use a domain, all of my machine are connect to my Azure Active Directory.

What do I need to do to share the SQL between my other machines?
the other machines simply need to setup a database environment with the same entry as yours and need an account that has access to the Database. If you right-click on the Azure environment entry in the Environment Manager and choose "copy" then you have the connection-information for the database. Copy that to the other machines and use it as "connection-string". But you have to make sure they use valid credentials that are allowed on that azure DB.

Hope that helps,
best regards,
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