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Connection/Credentials import from Vision App Remote Desktop 2011 to ASG-RD 2018
The only visible option for import of connections into ASG-RD 2018 is from a file with extension .rde (or a .csv).
However the export format from Vision App Remote Desktop 2011 is .vre (or .vrb) or .csv. Any of these old formats, including the csv, is not working with ASG-RD 2018. Please advise how to import "old" 2011 type of connections and credentials (if possible) into the latest version of ASG-RD.
You need to migrate your data first to ASGRD 2012

Install this version open your environment and it will be upgraded...

Then install version 2018 - create a new environment and choose Environment=>Upgrade from 2012

The data will be read and transferred to the new environment...

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