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Adjustment to offline mode
Just to start with, let me just say what a great product ASG Remote Desktop is, I have been using it for years and have been converting each business I work at to using it to save the admin team time and effort managing environment.
The offline mode features are something I often rely on particularly when travelling with my laptop, or just disconnecting from the corp network to test external functionality. It allows for connecting into parts of the admin environments while off the corporate network and where I do not need to use a VPN to connect to a number of resources (often useful when working on external resources and making adjustments while also running tests). Generally it is a great to use, but there is an annoyance of it being quite disruptive when first detecting it cannot connect to the SQL server where the common connection settings are saved. It is even more disruptive when the prompt indicating the connection to the SQL server has been lost and you cannot get to that window to acknowledge the notification.
I note that when the connection to the SQL server is no longer available, it often takes ASG Remote Desktop quite a bit of time to try and timeout the session to the server (about a minute at times), during that time ASGRD is unusable and often goes into a not responding state. It then prompts up a warning that the connection could not be established (the database is no longer available). Which is good to be informed of this and it gives the option to OK that (and drop into offline mode) or hit retry. An issue occurs as this message window takes up all focus of the application, and you cannot click into ASGRD until you action the window, which in itself would be fine but there have been times where that notification window becomes lost in the sea of open applications and that leaves ASG RD completely unusable. When that happens the only choice left to me is to kill the asgrd.exe program from the task manager. That unfortunately often leads to some sort of confusion for the program and it's cache as it leads to offline mode not being an option when starting the program (no prompt to continue in offline mode, no tickbox to connect the environment in offline mode) so it can cause problems getting back into offline mode and requires access to the SQL server where the central database resides to get back in.
Would it be possible to get some adjustments to the offline mode functionality to minimize the impact when dropping into offline mode? Such as:
- Can the notification window of the database connection being unavailable be spawned off on its own process and the normal ASGRD window automatically drop into offline mode? That would allow ASGRD to be selectable and usable even without acknowledging the window, but also allow for the notification window to be selectable from the taskbar (instead of being encapsulated as part of the all-encompassing ASGRD taskbar item). That would allow you to select it from the task bar to bring it into focus and be able to click OK or retry to acknowledge the window if it is not showing up on the screen for whatever reason.

-An option to adjust the timeout settings for the database to reduce the time to drop into offline mode.
- Can there be an option to work permanently in cached mode with regular background syncing to the central database? That would avoid disruptions due to timeouts and the issue with the prompt. I can imagine that would not be a simple approach but would allow for offline mode always being available (not just continuing after being in offline mode when gracefully closing ASGRD).  
Thank you.

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