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Unable to remove Favorites
I have 3 favorites (folders) added, but never use them, and because sometimes ASGRD expands Favorites and scrolls down instead of showing the actual connection folders at the top, I want to remove the favorites - but rightclicking and selecting Remove Favorite and selecting Yes to "Do you really want to hurt me" dialog popup doesnt delete the favorite.

Hitting F5 doesnt make them disappear, though it does annoyingly expand them (another for the list).

Does anyone else see this?

Are using Patch4? We had some strange effects in last versions when Favorites were not displayed in color or italic - so could you try to set "Italic Font" for Favorites in Settings and try again? Perhaps same problem?!? Because I can add and remove without any problems...
No not yet I think, we are on 11.0.5924.0.

The Favorites are displayed in italic.
I'll see if it changes when we get around to upgrading to Patch 4.
Are you already working on Patch 5 and have an expected release date? Because then we might wait.
Yes we are working on Patch5 - but I think it will not be published before Mid of July because of some vacations...

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