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Tiny popups
This happens frequently when I open a popup, can be connection properties, adding a new connection etc.
The dialog is TINY (like cannot possible be smaller). I think some window dimensions gets *ucked up sometimes.

Possible it only happens once for every time I start ASGRD, I'm not sure.

Does anyone else see this?


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The size of the properties window should be stored in your profile.xml - and is used for all Properties - the size is stored on closing the properties window and stored to file when ending the application

Anything that we can try to reproduce like moving window to second monitor? Or something else?
Good point, because I use ASGRD on a RDS server amnd often switch between 1 monitor (at home) and 2 monitors (at work, where I always have ASGRD on monitor 2) in the same session (just reconnect to it).

So maybe thats the reason, I will try to keep an eye on it.

If screen coordinates are stored as one big matrix rather than for individual monitors, maybe if coordinates saved on Monitor 2 are loaded when I only have one monitor it cannot use the coordinates and all are reset to "nothing" and thats the end result.

Do you ever check if the screen size changes?
I think I found the bug - if the coordinates of the window are not valid the window was resized to Minimum-Size and Minimum-Size was 0 - so will be fixed, set new coordinates of the window but don't resize it
Great, that sounds super Smile

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