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Use rdgiskdcproxy flag Setting
I have a question about the RDP Gateway configuration possibilities in ASG. We have multiple untrusted Domains and we connect through gateway servers inside this domains with the ASG remote desktop application. In the Microsoft RDP configuration exist a settings to use RDP Kerberos Proxy (Setting rdgiskdcproxy:i:1 – entry in the *.rdp file). Is it possible to load an individual *.rdp file in the ASG RDP Settings (Indivual ASG folder settings) or can this configuration be done anywhere in the ASG RDP configuration itself (ASG XML-Settings, registry)?

Best regards,

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Hi Daniel,
The integrated help lists the options that are possible regarding RDP-Gateway. I don't think we can use that option right now since I dont know a setting for this. But we are limited to the functionality of the MS-RDP component and I can't say if it it's possible at all. I assume if it would be possible we would have it implemented. But I will forward this to development and come back to you if I know more. But please pe patient because we have limited ressources right know, vacation related.
You mentioned rdp-files: it should be possible however to configure mstsc.exe as an external application and then use the rdp-files to start different Kerberos Proxied sessions this way.
Best regards,
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this setting is only available in rdp files - and as I understand only for RD Gateway Web Access for hosted applications - not for RDP session to any server?!? This setting is also not available in mstsc gui - and I can't find it in the documentation for the mstsc interface...

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