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Automating Install including Licence
Hi All,
Is it possible to create an install script (for Windows 10 deployment) to include an existing corporate license file.
This is related to for ASG-RD 2018 software - version 11.0.5988.1 (ASG-RD 2018 Patch4)
Hi Josif,

in the integrated help you find a parameter for unattended install of ASG-RD.

From the help ( menu "?" or F1):

How I can install ASG-RemoteDesktop silently?

You can use the command line parameter /S for the setup files to install the program silently.
How can I disable the creation of a desktop shortcut
By default the installer will create a desktop shortcut - if you want to disable this feature you can specify /NoShortCut=1

If you use a filebased environment you can create a regkey that holds the license in filebased mode. But that does not work in database mode because here the license is in the database itself ! But thats normally no probleme because the database must be created somehow manually from the admin and then the license will imported and will be used for all connections to the database. If you want all user automatically see the same (database ) environment then you have to configure one environment and distribute the environments.xml and profile.xml to the users profiles - see following list of config-files:

offline.xml %Appdata%\ASG-RemoteDesktop\11.0\ Contains all information for offline use
profile.xml %Appdata%\ASG-RemoteDesktop\11.0\ contains personal configuration settings: current environment/language/License in file mode etc…
settings.xml %Appdata%\ASG-RemoteDesktop\11.0\ Contains all environment data .
settings.xml.bak auto-generated backup file that will be used automaticall in case itis needed.
environments.xml %Appdata%\ASG-RemoteDesktop\11.0\ On first startup created contains environment infos ( file-and database based environment collection)
%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\ASG-RemoteDesktop\11.0\ For all users settings – will be used if exists and merged with local user environments file.

From the help:

How can be a license stored for all users who are using Terminal Server?

Users who are using a local data source (file) on a Terminal Server do not need to import the license in each data file. You can use a registry key instead to provide the license to all users. This works only for local mode because in database the license is stored itself. Just open the license file with a text editor and copy the whole content to the registry key.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ASG\RemoteDesktop2018\License (32 bit systems or 64 bit program version)
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\ASG\RemoteDesktop2018\License (32 bit program version on 64 bit systems)
The value can be stored as String or MultiString.

I hope that helps,
best regards,
-- --
Hi Michael,

How would that installation process with the license file differ if I were using Chocolatey to package the executables?

Hi apoll,

I don't know Chocolatey but it should make no difference. On startup of ASG-RD the registry hive will be read and if there is a valid license it will be used. So if you can distribute a regkey with Chocolatey then it should be doable. If you use an SQL database then there is nothing to do at all regarding the license. You just have to distribute the configfiles to point to the defined database environment.

Best regards,
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Hi apoll - I could not answer your PM since you disabelt PMs ;-)
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