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ASG RD 2017 - new database crashing on startup issue
Hi there,

I'm in the process of setting up a new SQL database for ASG RD 2017. I've had the database setup on a Server 2016 box, running SQL server 2016.

When I test the database connection form ASG RD, it completes successfully. However, as soon as I try to connect to it, ASG crashes instantly. This happens every time without fail.

It's a blank database, using mainly default settings. There is some security permissions set up, thats about it.

I can connect back to the old database no problems after reloading the software.

I cannot explain this behaviour. Can anyone help?

can you explain how you setup the database ? It's important that you only setup the database throught the environment manager ! There is no other way supported. Which version of ASG-RD2017 are you using on which platform ? Best regards,
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