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RDP Protocal (ASG 2012, 2016, 2018) Compatiblity with Citrix Receiver 4.9
Scenario:  ASG Vision APP (2012 - 2018) establish RDP to Windows 10 (17134).  
Launch Citrix Based Ica session (Citrix Receiver 4.9 CU1), no problem....
Disconnect / Reconnect to same PC via ASG RDP and presented by Receiver Encryption Error with the now new attempt to launch citrix app. 
Repeat reconnections at this point typically won't work however they have mysteriously "fixed" themselves. (a reboot does work or network refresh)... 

The kicker:  I am able to reconnect from MSTSC RDP connection and run the same ica session post issue, and everything works.  Can reconnect w/o issues and launch .ica's to heart content, but if I switch back to ASG RDP upon reconnection -> encryption error.  

Using MSTSC as external application for current workaround but wondering if anyone can confirm and or suggest other than:

CTX133536 which include Clean install of receiver, Reg keys for VdLoadUnLoadTimeOut's, / LegacyLocalUserNameAndPassword
IPV6 disabled
TS Gateway not applicable looking at from ASG POV, tried with and without compression, Full / thin and small client protocol types

Will be loading future versions of receiver as prior versions do not exhibit this behavior, Figured time to post and see if alone in the dark. 

Update: During testing of receiver 4.12 error thrown was of use, and pointed to smart card. Sure enough under resources allowed smart card and behavior seems resolved. This now poses the following question / observation on ASG 2018 vs 2016 Resource settings.

2018 appears to restrict resources to global Default Connection Properties, is there a way to enable per user?

sorry for wainting and thanks for your Update ! Regarding your question to the ressources settings :
It's possible to define the ICA ressources by folder level and then you can assign a group of user through the security groups to those folders.
I think it's not possible on a user level directly.

I hope that helps,
best regrads,
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