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Focus issue when swapping between open windows
Consider the following:

- A user connects through the treeview to a server using RDP
- User is working in a window on the RDP connected server (ie PowerShell)
- During work he clicks in the treeview on another server (or the same)
- User continues to work in the RDP connected server
- User switches active screen from ASGRD2015 to Firefox or other open windows using Alt-Tab
- User switches back to ASGRD2015 using Alt-Tab

The active focus is no longer the RDP screen but the treeview on the left. Moving the mouse and clicking in the active RDP screen to be able to type in the PowerShell console again.

Tried the above in ASGRD2012 and this seems to be working properly (focus to the RDP window is retained).

Could you look in to this? Some of our users are heavy keyboard users and try to prevent using the mouse as much as possible to prevent RSI.

Kind regards,
I will check that...
Could you give me some more details

RDP connected as Tab or Window?

How is the navigation window configured - docked at any side? Auto-Hide (tree view pops out when mouse hover over it)?
I'm able to repro this as well.
Tree view is docked on the left. RDP connected is configured as tabs.
Hi Oliver,

RDP is indeed configured as tabs. Tree view is pinned to the left side of the screen, without auto-hide enabled.


I've just installed the newest version of ASGRD 2016 and this focus bug is still here.
When i press Alt+Tab to go back to the AGS  the focus is brought to the main ASG window instead of putty window.
Please help. It's so anoying.

BTW: Im using Windows 10.

Best Regards

I can switch between all apps without problems via "Alt-Tab" but you are correct regarding the "keyboard focus" have to click to the session window to regain focus for the keyboard. That seems to be still a unlucky condition. We will have a look inside and see if we can fix or change that behaviour. Thanks for your input !

Best regards,
-- --
A quick update: I noticed that when i alt-tab back to ASGRD window i can press any arrow key to bring focus to the Putty window, but than i have to press alt-tab TWICE to get back to previous application. Still very annoying :/
Still not fixed in 2017 :sad face:
Is it going to be fixed any time soon. Another update showed up an this issue isn't addressed still.
We tried to fix but didn't found a working solution for that... it is still on the todo list...
The issue still exists. 
I've just got a subscription renewal reminder, but I ask myself what's the point buying it?  Sad
Hi Zjak,

I admit that the condition still exists, but it's "just" a thing that affects comfort and not function. And I'm very unlucky like you for this condition, and we we havent forgotten, but we have to priorize because there are many other things that need more attention/work. And we have to focus on things we got the most feedback for. The subcription enables you to update ASG-RD and receive new functionality and updated versions of third party modules as well as fixes / changes for many other things. An new patch contains many improvements but not necessarily the one special thing you actually wait for. I'm sorry for that and I hope we will find a way to change behaviour in the near future. Thank you,
-- --

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