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RDP Connection Destination Improvement
I have many servers that have many IP addresses, such as web servers, SQL servers, and servers with storage NICs. I am using the VMWare vSphere synchronization to maintain our database and selecting IPv4 for the Name/Destination Mapping. When the VMware synchronization begins, it usually populates the destination with the last IP/NIC as listed in vSphere server properties. Which can be an APIPA address on an old NIC long since removed. I would like the connection's, Connection Property to have a selectable destination if/when there are multiple IP addresses or NIC's configured for a server. The synchronization should record all IP addresses in the destination field, and a simple dropdown menu to display all IP addresses configured for a servers connection parameters would be most helpful. Once synchronized, I can select a specific NIC/IP address to use for the connection. This selected/default destination should also be persistent through successive synchronizations if the IP address exists. This same enhancement may need to be done for the MAC address field and IP address field for servers with multiple NICs.

This would help a lot since a server cluster has many IP addresses that can migrate to other hosts as necessary to maintain operations. I may log onto the wrong server if a clustered resource moves since the last synchronization believing the whole time I am on another server.

An additional feature to add would be an FQDN attribute to the connection parameters which can append FQDN when necessary or all the time. It appears that the synchronization for the destination is mapping the Guest Hostname of the VM to the destination when it should/could be using the Guest DNS name property within VMware. This has the full Hostname.FQDN of the server when configured. Maybe map the Guest Hostname to the General > Name: field, and the Guest DNS Name to the Conneciton > Destination: field.

If we were to combine these ideas into a single destination dropdown, I could select either a hostname or IP address depending on my needs or network conditions.

I hope these are doable, it is a pain having to reconfigure the many connections we have with multiple IP addresses every time we synchronize.
Yes makes sense - I try to add it for the next release Wink
(15-01-2016, 09:03 AM)DevOma Wrote: Yes makes sense - I try to add it for the next release Wink

Hi, has there been any development on this matter?

I use the latest build of ASG and see that only the IP address on the bottom of the list gets imported from vcenter. This is not always the IP address I need to use to connect to the system.

Yes - it's already fixed and will be part of the next version (planned for March)

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