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CSV Import into ASG 2015
I have followed the examples to create my CSV. I end up with the following. For example one of the servers I want to add is TORHVCPRD01-01 after inserting the formula and copying out the result into a new spreadsheet I get TORHVCPRD01-01;TORHVCPRD01-01;;;RDP;3389; I then save as CSV (Comma delimited) import into ASG 2015 to which it then tells me success, import complete, however the window is blank and nothing is imported. Has anyone see this?
Can you attach your csv file? Did you use valid column headers?
Not familiar with what the column headers should be? I've attached both files.

It won't let me upload the CSV but here's the formula sheet.

Attached Files
.xlsx   Forumla.xlsx (Size: 8.26 KB / Downloads: 5)
Please read documentation and/or make an export with some test data - you can dynamically define which columns should be used for export/import - when importing a csv the header columns are read first to decide which fields are in the csv that can be imported...
Old thread, but having same issue. I recently went from 2011->2012->2018. I'm not sure what formula OP is referring to. In the past I was able to export a current connection file as CSV with (Comma delimited), and open in excel, edit as needed, and save. No I see when exporting you pick what headers, and that is fine, but it saves as a CSV but with (semicolon delimited). Easy enough, import data into excel with semicolon delimited, edit it, but I cant for the life of me figure out how to get it back to as OP showed "TORHVCPRD01-01;TORHVCPRD01-01;;;RDP;3389;" maybe this is past my excel skills? Also, to be honest, I have a hard time finding any documentation on ASG-RD, is there a link some where? The main site the only thing I can find is this general white paper :

I was able to find a way to save the CSV as semicolon delimited, not ideal since other things need to be saved as CSV with Comma delimited.
Now it seems that while importing, it may ignore some of the headers. I will add ConnectionName, and FolderName, but ignores a header like ConnectionPort.
If Open the properties for that connection, i shows as Inherited Values instead of what i specified in Connection Port.
I assume that this is still a formatting issue with how I am saving it as CSV semicolon delimited
It seems to be a bug - Port is ignored - we will try to fix with the next patch!
(05-02-2018, 11:48 AM)DevOma Wrote: It seems to be a bug - Port is ignored - we will try to fix with the next patch!

Thank you for confirming the Bug. Do you have any official documentation on the product?
- How the export / import works (format etc)
- How the power-shell integration works.
- SQL database requirements
Just press F1 inside ASG-RD and you will open the help file(s)...
(16-02-2018, 07:56 AM)DevOma Wrote: Just press F1 inside ASG-RD and you will open the help file(s)...

Thank you, I kept seeing reference to online documentation, didn't realize it was referring to the help menu in the application.

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