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Connect as Temporary / Custom credentials
In Quick Connect you have added the excellent "..." button" to allow to connect using temporary / ad hoc / custom credentials (fx for onetime use or so you can supply the username and password using copy-paste).

Could this be added to the "Connect as..." context menu of connections too?
I will add all your requests to the feature list - we will try to add with one of the patches after the next main release (planned for next week)
One question - does it really make sense to add "custom creds" in "Connect as" menu? If you use "None" you will get prompted by the destination system
Hi Oliver,

The problem is, that depending on the config of the destination system, the RDP client might or might not prompt you in a pre-auth popup - and only the pre-auth popup allows you to copypaste a username/password into the box. If the user/password prompt is displayed on the "server login" screen (when the connection to the server is already established) you don't have the option to paste anything into the fields, because your input is sent directly to the remote system and the clipboard isnt yet started, whereas copypasting it into the popup is done local on your client. This is why the (...) option in the Quick Connect is very handy.

Does this make sense?

Maybe give it a think if it could somehow be possibe / make sense to merge Quick Connect and Find together into one feature (see other suggestion about this).
Added in ASGRD 2016, thanks! Smile

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