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Shorten Tab title + add a Connection dropdown
A Tab title can get quite long leaving less room to hold more visible tabs, so you have to scroll a lot.

- Add the connection dropdown on the far right (next to the tab-navigation arrows) like we had in vRD 2008 (there is an old feature request on this from vRD 2010/2011 somewhere). This was a great feature because you can jump directly to an open connection without having to spam-click the navigation-arrows when you have many tabs open. If not possible because the control used doesn't allow it (the reason as I recall it), instead add a dropdown to the toolbar with all the active connections instead.

- Move the username on the tab (which is handy to have) "a line down" to a place on the Connection toolbar.
- Display the username in a mouseover
1. is implemented in version 2016
2. is not possible with the used controls
3. will add it as feature request

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