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Don't encrypt data
The old VisionApp DB stored data unencrypted / nonhashed. I would like an option to store the data in the old way so that I can write queries against my servers / groupings of boxes.
New version will have an Powershell API...
I get that we can *now* use the Powershell API, however, in previous versions it was trivial to run a SQL query to get the data I wanted out of the DB. I have to script out multiple commands to powershell just to get my data instead of a simple

SELECT CONNECTION_NAME from vwServerList where PARENT_NAME in ('FR-DEV', 'FR-QA1')

Seems like we are losing functionality, or maybe give me access to the key used to encrypt my data, so I can freely decrypt it.

(19-04-2016, 09:55 AM)DevOma Wrote: New version will have an Powershell API...
If you need anything for the Powershell API let us know - we can and want to extend it...

The data is not really encrypted - we used a method to combine many different objects in a single way to load/save - so we use serialization of objects - that allows us to extend functionality without extending any data table structures...

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