Forum Announcement: Regularly forum maintenance (updates,downtimes,backups...)
11-23-2021 BBS Maintenance and Patching

(March 2021)
03-11-2021 BBS Maintenance

(Januar 2021)
Server maintenance

(Oktober 2020)
Server maintenance

(August 2020)
Server + BBS maintenance

(July 2020)
BBS maintenance

(February 2020)
Server maintenance

(November 2019)
Regular Server maintenance

(October 2019)
Server maintenance

(Sept. 2019)
We have some planned maintenance work in our backends and IT environment ongoing for the next days ranging from 09/05/2019 to 09/08/2019 that will unfortunately affect our forums availability. The forum stays active but the internet connectivity is affected. Please excuse possible failures in availability. To minimize losses while trying to send out a new thread just use the clipboard before sending.  Thanks for your understanding.
The ASG-RD team.

(June 11th 2019)
System Updates and Maintenance

(April 4 2019)
Some HW changes & enhancements
System Updates &maintenance.
Problems with not or late sent (registration)mails should be non existant now :-)

(March 14 2019 )
System Updates and Maintenance

(November 30  2018)
Solved an issue in that affected the registration process and  password changes. This should now work flawless and fast.

(September 2018)
BBS and system maintenance  

(July 2018)
BBS & System Updates

(April 2018)
BBS Updates / Changed to new reCaptcha version / BBS maintenance

(November 2017)
BBS & System maintenance

(June 2017)
BBS Maintenance

(April 2017 12th)
BBS System & maintenance updates

(January 2017 24th)
BBS system updates

(November 2016)
BBS system updates

(August 2016)
changed company logo to reflect new company brand.

(August 2016)
Server maintenance.

(July 2016)
Major update: new board software with slight forum  reorganization for better orientation.

(Q1 2016)
Some cleaning & reorganisation of forum structures

(Q4 2015)
Minor BBS System Upgrade

(Q2 2014)
Small design changes in the forum to represent the ASG design.

We apologize if some entries in the dB will be missed, but we had to restore the last backup ( just some hours old ) because we had severe problems with the database.  While doing this we updatet the board software and hopfully we prevent future crashs with this.  A later (short) downtime will be possible because we always try to keep this site up to date with latest patches & fixes.

(09/04/2014 )
Seamless switch to new server OS and updated components

Solved problems with reauthentication where no mail was sent and captcha was not displayed correctly.

Tapatalk functionality restored ;-)

Testintegration of a translation Button in Thread-View

Server maintanance