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125% scaling = fuzzy resolution
Running ASGRD 2019 in a W2K19 RDSH session connected from a local Win10 pc (Win10 pc -> W2K19 server -> ASGRD -> W2K19 server)

If I on the local pc set Display Scaling to 125% (Settings  > System > Display > Scale and layout = 125%) most things in the W2K19 RDSH session are scaled properly, being clear and *not* fuzzy, but the ASGRD GUI as well as the remote ASGRD RDP sessions are fuzzy looking. The only thing in ASGRD that are *not* fuzzy is the titlebar.

If I open a mstsc.exe and connect to a server that RDP session is clear and *not* fuzzy - so RDP sessions in general scale ok, it is only RDP sessions via ASGRD that don't scale ok.

Do other see this as well? Any solution?

See attached screenshot of ASGRD with an overlaying mstsc that shows the fuzzyness and difference between ASGRD and mstsc remote sessions.


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I use 150% scaling - and everything is ok - the remote session has the same scaling as my client (by default, can't be changed) - so I have to try with 125% to see if there are differences...
I switched to 125% and same result - everything is smaller (than I like) but absolutely clear

I checked also the properties of my shortcut - and everything is set to default - no customization - can you check that too?
Hi Oliver,

Thanks for testing and getting back.

So did some more testing, actually both ASGRD and even the setup screen (ASGRD_Setup) is fuzzy (also tested with the trial splash, it is also blurry) - and even on my local Win10 pc! :-S
It only look clear and sharp if I revert to 100%, but running a resolution of 5120 x 1440 means everything is TINY, so thats really not an option.

But I found a solution / workaround (?). If I change the Compatibility Settings (see attached) it looks sharp, though I think this overrides the scaling and keep ASGRD at 100%.
How does your Compatibility Settings look? If they are default, I wonder why it is different.

Note: I'm running on a laptop with an external monitor connected via USB3.

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Everything is set to Default - and I use my 4k monitor for some years now and I never had these issues

Did you try to use a different solution - just for testing - to see if that has some impact - I use currently 3840 * 2160 - perhaps the special wide screen resolution has some impact? We have tested all parts of the application to resize automatically
Weird. My monitor is not 4K so the native resolution is 1440 horizontal - and if I change to something else than native 1440 everything is fuzzy.
To use the entire width of the ultra widescreen I can only use 5120 x 1440.

If noone else have the issue we'll just write it off as a local pc/display/monitor/graphics adapter issue specific to me.

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