ASG-RD 2022 - Patch5 (Build 15.0.7482.1)
ASG-RD 2022 - Patch5 (15.0.7482.1) is available!

To use this version you need a valid subscription until 06/01/2022

Caution - Database Upgrade necessary for versions older than 15.0 (2022)!

Layout changes - if you see an empty layout after starting the app - just call "Administration => Navigation" to restore to default - or reset user layout (Ctrl + F9)

ASG-RD 2022 Patch5 (x64)
ASG-RD 2022 Patch5 (x64) (incl. SQL Express)

ASG-RD 2022 Patch5 (x86)
ASG-RD 2022 Patch5 (x86) (incl. SQL Express)

For any feedback you can use the ASG-RD support forum (for version 2021/22).


- Leave tab open works now for Windows Server 2022 and reboot of the remote system
- Parse credential variables on connection - if "Connect As" is used the correct Credentials are used to parse variables
- Fullscreen-Connections - Context menu available on Title Bar
- Topicus-KeyHub - settings will be saved correctly also if only the "rotating password" is synchronized
- Improved accessibility for blind users
- Changes on General tab were not saved correctly in some cases - fixed
- Changes on MultiEdit were not saved correctly in some cases - fixed
- Chromimum-Webbrowser - SubProcesses will be terminated correctly when closing an HTTP connection with Chromium Browser
- Topicus KeyHub - "Get rotating password" is not displayed multiple in context menu anymore

New features/enhancements

- PuTTY - New version 0.77
- PuTTY-CAC - version 0.77 also integrated
- Chromium - New version 102.0.9
- Powershell-API - New commands: Get-RDPropertiesConnectionSSHConnection, Set-RDPropertiesConnectionSSHConnection, Get-RDPropertiesConnectionAssignedCreds
- New global setting category - SSH - choose used PuTTY control
- New registry key for customization - Enforce2FA - if set all users on this computer must use 2FA to login
- New registry key for customization - DIsableUpgradeConfig - if set the question to copy / upgrade config files from older versions is suppressed
- Variable usage in SSH-LogFile enabled
- 1Password-Sync - new global option => Only sync items from category 'Logins'

The 64Bit-version of ASG-RD has the following limitations
- No ICA protocol is supported (Citrix do not plan to release a 64bit client software)

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