ASG-RD 2015 - Patch10 (Build 8.0.5034.1)
Patch10 of ASG-RD 2015 is available!

If you have already installed any ASG-RD 2015 version you need to close your application and then install the Patch10 version. You don't need to uninstall your old version.

For Upgrade-Users (from version 2012):
If you want to migrate your data from 2012 version you can do inside a new environment in 2015 - so you could not connect to an old environment (as in the past) - you need to create a new environment and select "Environment=>Upgrade from 2012".


For any feedback you can use this sub forum or the main forum of ASG-RD.

The following ReleaseNotes describes the fixed issues and new features.


- Putty focus - Undo changes from Patch9
- Right mouse click selects row in 'find window'

New features/enhancements

- Added Ip address for csv import/export
- New function in 'Data Optimizer' - Merge of same properties on their parent object
- SeachBuffer (Profile data) used also for 'find window' in Navigation
- Added 'Use connection credentials' for RDP=>RD-Gateway

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