ASG-RD 2016 - Patch1 (9.0.5266.1)
Patch1 of ASG-RD 2016 is available!

If you have already installed any ASG-RD 2016 version you need to close your application and then install the Patch1 version. You don't need to uninstall your old version.

ASG-RD 2016 Patch1

For any feedback you can use this sub forum or the main forum of ASG-RD.

The following ReleaseNotes describes the fixed issues and new features.


- Sorting of root items is working correctly
- 'Error on creating screenshot' will be only written to error log - no messagebox anymore
- Navigations - Quick search - if the search result do not list the last selected node the whole result will be displayed correctly anyway

New features/enhancements

- RDP-Options=>Local resoures and devices - Local drives could be selected individually
- 'Connect As' context menu - set 'None' to first position in menu
- 'Connect As' context menu - add 'Custom' to enter custom credentials on client side
- New Application-Setting - Save combo tree view settings (Credentials and Ext. App. selection boxes)
- Support of Microsoft AZURE SQL database
- PuTTY Session Administration - Copy sessions from registry to ASGRD environment and back
- Administration=>Restart server - Item will be signed by refreh icon and try to reconnect after reboot (like in version 2012 and before)
- ESX-Sync - new category 'Access' allows usage of personalized credentials to access synced computers
- Added information 'Last successful sync' on folder objects in properties of ActiveDirectory, csv, VMware and HyperV
- Added 'Ip Address' to the list of variables that can be used in Ext. App.
- Settings in QuickConnect - Full connection properties dialog - are saved and restored next time using it for each user

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