ASG-RD 2016 - Patch2 (9.0.5306.0)
Patch2 of ASG-RD 2016 is available!

If you have already installed any ASG-RD 2016 version you need to close your application and then install the Patch1 version. You don't need to uninstall your old version.

Caution - Migration of datasource necessary
If you connect with 'ASGRD 2016 Patch2' to your datasource you will be asked to migrate your datasource - after migration only Patch2 client version can access the migrated data source!!!

ASG-RD 2016 Patch2

For any feedback you can use the ASG-RD support forum.

The following ReleaseNotes describes the fixed issues and new features.

- Click on Toolbar buttons (Favorites, Navigation, Logs, Connections and Layouts) with dropdown symbol will auto popup context menu
- Field 'Description' has now again 32k instead of only 255 chars (for all objects)
- Keyboard navigation (up-arrow) in "Roles selection" of properties dialog corrected
- Keyboard navigation (up-arrow) in DropDown for Connections, Credentials and External Applications
- After restoring a layout new connections are added to the Connections-DropDown-Toolbar
- Alphabetic sorting of connections in Connections-DropDown-Toolbar
- Double click on a credential object opens properties dialog (like in version 2012)
- Name of current item is displayed in title of properties dialog (like in version 2012)

New features/enhancements
- Support of multiple IP-Addresses in connection properties
- Support of multiple IP-Addresses in ESX and HyperV sync
- Pre/Post-App configuration of connections are separated into an own category
- New application setting: Save grid view settings - customized grid views (column width and order) are saved and restored automatically

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