ASG-RD 2016 - Patch3 (9.0.5312.0)
Patch3 of ASG-RD 2016 is available!

If you have already installed any ASG-RD 2016 version you need to close your application and then install the Patch3 version. You don't need to uninstall your old version.

Caution - Possible Migration of datasource necessary - for all versions below ASGRD 2016 Patch2
If you connect with 'ASGRD 2016 Patch3' to your datasource you will be asked to migrate your datasource - after migration only Patch3 client version can access the migrated data source!!!

ASG-RD 2016 Patch3

For any feedback you can use the ASG-RD support forum.

The following ReleaseNotes describes the fixed issues and new features.

- Closing of connections from type internal weblinks work without error
- ReadOnly objects can't be renamed when a user use these objects as a favorite

New features/enhancements
- Set "Protocol (for new connections)" in ActiveDirectory sync
- Update GeckoFX to latest version

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